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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Officials say the remains of a man who disappeared from Chickasha more than 30 years ago have finally been found.

Agents with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation say they have identified the remains of Alvin Stark, who disappeared from Chickasha in May of 1988.

“It is a good day, when after 33 years you can tell a family member that their loved one has been located,” said Ricky Adams, OSBI Director. “It doesn’t bring Alvin Stark back, but it does return him to his loved ones for a proper burial. This is why we do what we do and why we have a dedicated Cold Case Unit. We want to put our expertise and technical capabilities to work for local agencies in an effort to solve their cold cases.”

On May 23, 1988, Stark’s sister filed a missing person’s report on him after she had not seen or heard from Stark in several days.

Officers with the Chickasha Police Department investigated the disappearance until the OSBI was requested in March of 2019.

Agents reviewed the case file and re-interviewed anyone who had information about the case. As a result, a witness directed them to an area in Caddo County.

In November of 2019, OSBI agents recovered skeletal remains in Caddo County. The remains were examined by the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office before being sent to the University of North Texas’ Center for Human Identification.

This week, UNT confirmed that the remains are Stark.

“I appreciate the hard work and diligence of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation,” said Jason Hicks, District 6 District Attorney. “This case is obviously one that occurred many years ago, but there is an agency that refused to give up on locating Mr. Stark. The determination of the OSBI agents is inspiring and I appreciate their hard work on this case. It would be simple for them to refuse to look at a case this old, or to take it and just let it sit without any attention. It is their dedication to justice that brings us to the point we are at today. The family of Mr. Stark can now properly bury their loved one and can rest knowing that this search is over.”

Officials with the Chickasha Police Department identified a suspect, but they never had enough to charge the suspect without Stark’s remains.

Now, investigators say the suspect is deceased.