OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Britton Road bridge near Post Road that sits over the North Canadian River has some repairs underway.

Crews were seen working Tuesday on what were considered significant damages and city officials said they don’t expect the project to be finished until late next spring, weather permitting.

"Bridge out" and "road closed" signs on damaged bridge.
Britton Road bridge repairs. Image KFOR.

“We started two weeks ago working on the bridge over Britton Road, and we’re working on the abutment, the wing wall and repairing the roadway,” said Oklahoma City Public Works public information officer Shannon Cox.

Cox said one could say that “when it rains, it pours” in relation to this project.

“We had excessive rainfall and it washed out the bridge and the roadway,” Cox said. “It did significant damage.”

Even though the road is a snow route, expect detours, which should all be well marked.

Working fixing damaged bridge.
Britton Road bridge repairs. Image KFOR.

“They just need to follow the detours, of course,” Cox said. “May not always be a snow route, but every other road would be a snow route.”

Now, Cox added they’re trying to move as quickly as they can and are hoping the expensive $3 million repair will not be a hassle for long.

“Very rapid on this project,” she said.