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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – More than a thousand refugees will be heading to the Sooner State following the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In all, officials say more than 1,800 Afghan refugees will be making their way to Oklahoma.

“We’ve vetted all the folks and we’re excited to welcome them,” Gov. Kevin Stitt told the media earlier this month. “We’re excited to open up our arms…we’re excited to welcome them and show them the Oklahoma standard.”

However, not everyone agreed with the move.

“I was on the ground in Afghanistan and there is no way that we can properly vet these people,” Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman John Bennett said in a video. “If the government says otherwise, they are lying to you.”

According to the United States citizenship and immigration services website, they have a seven step screening process for all refugees allowed into the country.

Customs and Border Protection ultimately makes the final determination about whether to admit a refugee into the country.

Recently, Axios broke down how the initial group of 37,000 Afghan evacuees will be divided across the 50 states.

California is expected to receive the largest number of Afghans at 5,255, followed by Texas with 4,481.

According to Axios’ data, Oklahoma will receive the third-highest number of refugees with 1,800.

State Department data obtained by Axios shows that Hawaii, South Dakota, West Virginia, and Wyoming are the only states who are not currently slated to receive anyone.

Axios reports that more than half of Aghans who have been brought to the United States helped the U.S. government or are related to someone who did.