OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – He is back at it again, but now in Texas. KFOR has an update to the mobile mechanic in Oklahoma City who allegedly was taking people’s money. We are now getting reports of him doing the same in Houston, Texas.  

KFOR has done two stories and have been contacted by several people who say a man who goes by the name of Derick Martin has offered mobile mechanic services and never finished the job after his customers paid him hundreds of dollars for work to be done on their cars.  

KFOR is learning more about Derick and now has a face to the name.  

We’ve told you about Derick Martin several times. now we’ve gotten messages from people as far as Houston who tell us he’s back at it again… but now… in Texas. 

“We’re upset. We – oh, I don’t even want to say on camera, what we feel, but we’re upset,” said Brittney Oglesby, Houston resident. 

Houston resident, Brittney Oglesby is sharing ring door bell video from August 8 of the man people in Oklahoma City say took their money. 

Her wife said the video was from the day she met him and he was supposed to work on her car. 

“What’s even worse is that he supposedly did a tune up and I had to send the car off to my main mechanic and he said, it sounds awful. Whatever he did, he made it worse. So now we’re having to fix whatever the issue is that he did,” said Larissa Grays, Houston resident.  

After she paid him over $400, she never saw him again.  

Several people have confirmed with KFOR that the man in the video is Derek Martin. 

In the video, Martin is wearing a God’s Garage Mobile Mechanics t-shirt. That is just one of the many business names he uses.  

“He’s using God’s name to make it look like he’s a good guy and he’s about business, but he’s really not,” said Grays. 

After people in Oklahoma City started catching on to what he was doing, Larissa Grays said it brought him back to his hometown of Houston to continue his plans. 

“People here in Houston said that they were scammed from him as well. Most of the people are coming from Oklahoma, but I know for a fact there is more in Houston… We’re waiting on them to come forward… It seems like the numbers are just piling up,” said Grays.  

A news story from KPRC 2 Houston reveals Martin’s wife at the time shot him after he broke into her Houston apartment and choked her in front of their four children. 

He was arrested and charged with assault and violation of a protective order. 

“We just don’t feel safe,” said Oglesby.  

Oglesby and her wife said they are now staying cautious after learning about Martin’s past. 

“What gets me the most is that this guy knows where we live. So, if he’s scaring people out of the money, man, there’s no telling what else he will do… You don’t know what this man is capable of doing… I want him off the streets,” said Oglesby. 

Martin changed his number again along with a new Facebook business name which goes by Blessed Mechanics. That’s just one of several Facebook page names he uses. 

For KFOR’s third attempt to get ahold of him, he still has stayed silent. 

KFOR called, texted him and messaged him on his new Facebook page, but no response. 

He has three Facebook pages: Blessed Mechanics, God’s Garage Mobile Mechanics and Elevation Mobile Mechanics

The couple said they are working on filing a police report and plan on taking legal action against Martin. They urge anyone else who has had a problem with him to also make a report.  

The women also said Martin is now charging service fee of $50 upfront to know you are legitimate and want service.