OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A large trash pile is quickly piling up in front of a metro woman’s home but she says after months, there’s still no answers on why it’s not being picked up.

Katrina Gray said she and her family moved into their home and needed help removing debris and other items.

She said the problem started with a request for a bulk trash pickup.

“It was March when we put our first pile out here,” she said Tuesday in an interview with KFOR. “I’ve been waiting for a long time for this now to be gone.”

“We called the city multiple times,” she added, saying the pile includes clothes, wood, old toys and and other miscellaneous trash.

But, no one came and the piles kept growing.

Months passed, and Katrina said they finally heard from the City, who issued a violation.

“The supervisor called us and said [the pile] had to be moved away from the fence,” she said.

Katrina Gray said they complied, and moved the pile as far away from the fence and the curb as they could.

Finally, in July, she said they received a letter, saying the pile was flagged as high priority for removal.

She says the day came and a truck rolled by.

“They just looked and they drove off [and] I don’t know what we’re supposed to do,” she said.

A city supervisor pulled up while KFOR was on site and measured the space, but provided no answers or additional information to Ms. Gray or the news team.

Katrina said it’s not that her family won’t get the mess cleaned up, they just need help.

That’s why they called the City in the first place.

“[I know] my yard is nasty and I can’t park my vehicles in the driveway because none of it has been picked up,” said Katrina.

“It feels disgraceful and embarrasing.”

The City of OKC sent an email to KFOR Tuesday afternoon saying they were gathering more details about the problem from the OKC’s Solid Waste Management team.

On its website, the City says it offers weekly trash, bi-weekly recycling and monthly bulky waste services to homes and businesses across the city.

Questions or problems can be directed to the Utilities Customer Service line at (405) 297-2833.