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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – There’s a new hope on the horizon for the more than 11,000 Americans waiting for a liver transplant – and it’s being studied right here in Oklahoma City. 

It’s a new device that can extend the time from organ removal to transplant from just hours to more than one day. 

For Lorrinda Davis – it started with a devastating diagnosis.

She had inoperable liver cancer. 

It was news that had Davis waiting by the phone, hoping for her chance to receive a transplant.

When the call finally came, it was only five hours until she went in for a transplant.

“You have this emotional high of I got the call and then you have the anxiety of going in – because you’re so sick,” Davis said.

But studies are underway right now at LifeShare Oklahoma with a British biotech company to change that – through a game-changing device called the OrganOx Metra.

It’s designed to profuse the liver with blood and other fluids to preserve cells.

“Usually with a traditional approach, the ideal situation is to transplant the liver within 12 hours,” said Jeffrey Orlowski, President and CEO of LifeShare OK. “On the far extreme we can go up to 24 hours. With this technology we can extend the time, theoretically well beyond 24 hours.”

Experts say it will add the gift of time to the gift of life.

“It allows us an opportunity to grow the donor pool and expand the time to get the liver to just the right patient and not have livers be unusable because there’s not enough time to get it to the right patient,” Orlowski said.

“It’s so quick, it has to happen so quick,” said Davis. “So anything that gives time to have an organ longer to get it to someone, it’s really imperative.”

It’s still in the trial phase but they hope to have it ready to go soon.

They’re also studying how to improve liver quality as many donor livers are not healthy enough for transplant.