OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Thursday begins the first day of a long heat wave taking over Oklahoma into the next week and residents across the metro are preparing for the dog days of summer.

At Scissortail Park, grounds people are working in the heat and around the clock at the Splash Pad to make sure it’s functional for the kids to use.

“We change somewhat of the schedule. So, they come in at an earlier point of the mornings where they’re not dealing with all the heat and the sun… So, we try to obviously make sure our staff is hydrated because if we drop, then there’s no one to respond to incidences here at the park,” said Grant Hansen, Director of Safety at Scissortail Park.

Several joggers, families and kids are stopping at the splash pad at the park to cool down.  

That, along with outdoor misting fans located around the park are a necessity for people during temperatures like this.  

Also, the Snow Cone Trailer staying busy at the park this time of year.  

“I always try to give them something cold and then they go to the splash pad and they hang out all day… I got these coolers here and I’ve always got bags of ice in there. I got to keep it in there. It takes ten, 12 bags of 10 pound bags of ice just to keep it. So, it’s still cold by the end,” said James Newcomer, owner of the Snow Cone Trailer.

Also parked nearby, the owner of The Pizza Spot truck made sure he had enough cold water ready for people at the park.

“Just be ready for it. Keep water ready. I keep a rag wet on my head most of the time. When it starts getting warm, I ring it out and get it cold again,” said Johnson, owner of The Pizza Spot. 

Park Rangers are ready to respond to heat-related calls.  

“Our staff is prepared for those heat related incidences… The calls for our park rangers do increase. They’re somewhat of the first point of contact, and if first responders are needed, we call them. But we try to resolve those issues because if they are heat related issues, our staff is trained to take care of those things,” said Hansen.

The park, also seeing many heat-related dog injuries.  

“I think a lot of the times we forget that the dogs have, you know, paws, they’re not wearing shoes. So, we’ve seen a lot of paw injuries. We also have a pool that is specifically for the dogs that’s going to be on the east side of the stage,” said Hansen.  

Volunteers throughout the day during this heat wave will be passing out water to folks at Scissortail Park. 

The Oklahoma City Fire Department is already seeing many heat related injuries, even before this heat wave. They’ve responded to over 100 medical calls this month due to heat exhaustion. 

“We just ask for people to please be aware, especially in the heat of the day, you know, have a cool glass of water, maybe a damp rag for your face and just monitor your body. Heat exhaustion, heat strokes can set in very quickly,” said Scott Douglas, captain, assistant public information officer for Oklahoma City Fire Department.

Cooling zones have been set-up across the state for the dangerous heat wave.