OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Andrew’s Square Apartments on South Harvey is an assisted living facility with 24-hour emergency care, security and call systems for the people who live there.

However, the city says it plans to move the bus stop that sits right in front of the building, which means most residents will lose their only source of getting around.

The city says it’s moving the bus stop about 1000 feet from the old one, and for people who need help getting around, that can make a world of distance.

“There’s always five to six people here waiting for the bus almost all day long,” resident Dana Johnson said.

The bus stop outside of the Andrew’s Square Apartments is a popular place, especially with the amount of disabled people who live there.

“This is a retirement place for older persons with a large number, tons of them with wheelchairs,” Johnson said. “A lot of us use walkers and we can’t even get on the bus.”

As the city gets ready to move the bus stop, some are worried about how they’re going to get to doctor’s appointments, get groceries, or even just get out for awhile.

“The bus is a real popular means of getting around,” Johnson said. “A lot of these people don’t have vehicles, so Andrew Square is one of the more important places they could maintain a bus stop.”

“That’s what we’re really trying to accomplish by relocating this bus stop to an arterial Robinson versus where it’s located currently now, which is on a very narrow street that has really some maneuvering challenges,” Jason Ferbrache, Director of Oklahoma City’s Public Transportation and Parking Department, said. “Our bus operators have provided that feedback to us.”

Ferbrache told us the narrow streets outside of the complex are hard to navigate. That’s why they’re moving it closer to Robinson.

“It’s just that, how can we do it in the safest manner possible,” Ferbrache said. “One of the things we’ve heard consistently is that is a problematic area for navigating the bus.”

Some residents agree that it would be beneficial to move the bus stop, because of some of the issues it brings to the apartment complex.

“I think that it’s a good measure,” resident Tony Marruchella said. “We have homeless people come here, they camp out, they sleep here overnight, they defecate in the bus stop. It just makes it feel like an unsafe situation for the residents.”

Ferbrache says they have looked at ways to help the residents who use that bus stop when they move locations, but they’re limited on what they can do.

“We certainly understand the sensitivity of our customer base there and we appreciate each and every one of those customers,” Ferbrache said. “I think one of the things that we looked at was one of accessibility. There are some sidewalks and we’re going to have to work with the property owners to basically maintain those sidewalks.”

The move isn’t set to happen until December. In the meantime, the city is still taking input. Head over to EmbarkOk.com to have your voice heard.