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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Many residents are frustrated after losing power because of the snow storm. For some, it’s a recurring problem. 

Larisa Horwitz, says she’s lost count of how many times she’s lost power in the past few months. During the October ice storm, she was without electricity for ten days. 

“‘Ah, not again!'” she said was her reaction after it went off again during the snow storm. “We have it so often, it looks like we have more. Maybe it’s three or four or five, I don’t know. I don’t count. This is not the first time, not the second, not the third.”

She thinks the issue may have to do with trees around the power line behind her house.

Down the street, Jay Lewis thinks it’s the same case for him.

“I was watching the tree limbs touch the power lines, and I knew right away we weren’t going to make it very long, and once the thought crossed my mind the power turned off,” he said.

OG&E says they have 2,000 crew members ready to go, some from out of state. However, the road conditions are challenging.

“That’s slowing us down just a little bit. But we are out assessing the damage, trying to make sure we know where all the damage is,” David Kimmel, OG&E spokesperson, said. 

He says they don’t know how long the power will be out, but doesn’t anticipate lengthy outages like what happened after the ice storm.

“We do not expect this to be similar to the October storm in terms of length and duration, although we do not know at this point how long this will be,” Kimmel said.

Many residents are just tired of the issue.

“It’s constant, chronic problem,” Horwitz said.

“I look at it as 2020’s last jab,” Lewis said.

OG&E reports crews will continue to restore power through the night.

They expect power to be restored to those who can take power by Saturday evening.

  • As ice continues to melt, new outages are possible.
    • Should new outages occur, previous outages will be restored first.
    • Customers should check to make sure their home is able to take power.


  • Be safe and stay away from downed power lines.
    • Crews are following COVID-19 preventative measures, including social distancing as they restore power.
    • For your protection, do not post personal information such as addresses, account numbers, phone numbers, etc. on OGE social media channels.
    • Please do not approach crews and utility vehicles in your neighborhood. Doing so could jeopardize your safety and will only delay the restoration process.
    • Safety precautions should be followed when using a portable generator.