HARRA, Oklahoma (KFOR) – Residents of Harrah had a surprise when they opened their last water utility bill. 

Harrah residents had several zeroes added to their late fee utility bill this month. So for example, for residents who had a $90 late fee bill, it ended up showing the resident owed $90 million dollars instead.

Below is an example of what one resident received, owing $60,000,129 if late.

Harrah late water bill. Image courtesy Sheri White

This error was due to a glitch in the system. The city has no idea how it happened.  

They also had no idea residents were getting charged this because the bills are sent out through an automated system and not checked beforehand.  

“Some people were having to come here to pay their bill because they weren’t able to do it online then because they didn’t have necessarily $90 million in their checking account and so but we’re following up with them every day until we get it done,” said Lewis Moore, city manager for City of Harrah.  

KFOR heard from a lot of people in Harrah.  

“Seeing that, I would never be able to pay something like that, that would be a crazy amount of money.. Who has a bill that’s $90,000? I can’t imagine. You’d have to have a lot of cattle or something,” said Kelli Hoofman, Harrah resident.  

This woman saw posts all over Facebook.  

“How could this be? This whole town couldn’t run up that much water. I’m sorry, they couldn’t,” said Betsy Lilly, Harrah resident.

This error got the community talking in a public group called “Everything Harrah.” Most residents just poking fun at the issue.  

Under one post a resident writes, “Making a big deal out of nothing.” 

Another responds, “It’s not a big deal. It’s a funny post to lighten our day.” 

Even the city manager had something to say. 

“A lot of people got the additional bill. So all we need is one person to pay that to more than meet the budget… I doubt if that’s going to happen. But they are very generous here. But I doubt that’s going to happen,” said Moore.

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The city plans to have this issue fixed by this week and the incorrect utility bills will not be on future bills moving forward.

The city suggests stopping by city hall if having any issues with paying the correct amount online.