OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Some tenants at Highland Park Apartments are fed up and frustrated after they’ve had to live through a nightmare with sewage coming into their homes.

“I’m extremely paranoid that it’s going to back up on me while I’m in the bathroom, or worst yet I’m gonna open up my door and slosh through the house,” said Judy Fahle.

Fahle said for the last two years she’s been dealing with sewage problems.

“The water was gushing up out of the drain on the sink, flooding over the kitchen counter like Niagara Falls,” said Fahle. “They already charged me once for the hole in the kitchen wall for the clog being mine.”

Fahle said her mother lived next door and suffered the same problem.

She was eventually hospitalized, where Fahle said her mother was treated for a bacterial infection linked to sewage.

“The health department calls me and informs me she’s been infected with this bacteria, and that it’s rare contaigous,” said Fahle.

She said she notified management multiple times.

“No one has ever came, they didn’t even come and fix the problem that caused the back up in the first place,” added Fahle.

Fahle fears this is now her life.

“It’s gotten so bad we don’t go around without shoes on in our house anymore, we have to wear our shoes all the time,” she said.

While News 4 was visiting Fahle, we tried to talk to the apartment manager to get answers, but were asked to leave the property.