NORMAN, OKLA (KFOR) — The search for temporary homeless housing in Norman continues. The Planning Commission held a meeting to allow residents to voice their concern and ask questions about the proposed project.

“It sounds like an economic development plan designed by a maniac,” someone said.

Norman residents said the site is less than two blocks away from daycares and a school, which they said makes them concerned of the safety of children in the neighborhood.

“I understand that people have problems, but even if they have this site, they’re gonna draw other people to hang out at that site…you could fingerprint everyone there and it wouldn’t be good,” another resident said.

According to city officials, the plans for a new temporary homeless shelter is at North Porter avenue and would include a large wall on the outside for safety.

“An 8-foot wall isn’t stopping anybody,” said a resident.

“You’ve got all these renovations…who’s paying for that? You’ve got all new services…who’s paying for that? I don’t think as a taxpayer I should be subsidizing the homeless,” another resident said.

Many people voiced their concerns with the project, but also gave their thoughts on turning the location into something else.

“I think this facility could be better utilized as a handicap indoor facility for games, jukebox, etc,” said someone else.

The commission voted on the proposal at the meeting, but it failed. That doesn’t mean it’s dead, it was simply a recommendation vote. The final decision on the shelter will be made by the City Council.