OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – After Thursday’s decision by the court to stay Richard Glossip’s execution date his attorney Don Knight announced that the next step is the Supreme Court.

“Since the State now agrees that the only witness to allege that Mr. Glossip was involved in this crime cannot be believed, it is unconscionable for the court to attempt to force the State to move forward with his execution.”

Don Knight, representing Richard Glossip

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The request came from Attorney General Gentner Drummond who said that the evidence was there to request the stay.

The case goes back to 1997 when Glossip and Justin Sneed were convicted of killing Glossip’s boss and owner of the Best Budget Inn, Barry Van Treese.

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In exchange for his testimony, Sneed was given a life sentence. Glossip was sentenced to death.

“How do you tell your kids they’re never going to see their dad again?” Donna Van Treese told KFOR back in 2017.

“While I respect the court of criminal appeals opinion I am not willing to allow an execution to proceed despite so many doubts. I will thoroughly review the ruling and consider what steps should be taken to ensure justice.”

Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond

According to the opinion, the AG pointed at Sneed and stated that he lied to the jury and took lithium. Drummond pointed to the fact that Sneed could have possibly not been telling the truth.

However, the opinion argued, “the State in its response now concedes that this alleged false testimony combined with other unspecified cumulative errors warrant post-conviction relief, the concession alone cannot overcome the limitations on successive post-conviction review.”

The court basically stated that even if it turned out that Sneed lied, it wouldn’t be enough to overturn Glossips execution date.

Knight says that they will not stop there and will be taking it to the Supreme Court next.

“We cannot permit this longstanding injustice to go unchallenged and will be filing for review of this manifestly unjust ruling in the United States Supreme Court.”

Don Knight, Attorney representing Richard Glossip

The Oklahoma Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (OK-CADP) came out Thursday upset at the court’s opinion.

“The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals’ decision is jaw-dropping. Even when the Attorney General joins with Glossip in asking for the Court to throw out hte conviction, it is not enough. The Court set aside the Attorney General’s determination of the importance of the evidence previously witheld by the Oklahoma County District Attorney and substitutes its own evaluation of the evidence.”

Rev. Don Heath, OK_CADP Chair

Governor Stitt could also decide to end the execution of Glossip. Last year he requested that the execution date be pushed back to 2024 but as of the last check, it has yet to even be reviewed.