MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – A truck driver was caught on camera during a road rage incident where he can be seen aiming a laser pointer into another vehicle.

“It was pretty scary,” said Jessica Mancuso, a passenger in the vehicle the truck driver was pointing the laser pointer into.

It was high tension at high speeds on an Oklahoma highway. The truck driver can be seen in the video in this story pointing a laser pointer into a vehicle with Mancuso, her sister, her sister’s husband and their four kids.

Semi-truck aims laser at car. Image courtesy Sarah Swinney.
Semi-truck aims laser at car. Image courtesy Sarah Swinney.

“He just looked so mad,” Mancuso said. “I just don’t know what the deal is with him.”

It all started when Mancuso and her family were on I-40 in Midwest City, an area with quite a bit of construction, behind another car.

“This big box truck just pulls up behind us and it’s kind of tailgating us for lack of a better term,” Mancuso said. “We can’t really move around this car.”

That’s when the laser pointer came out.

“It is shining in the rearview mirrors. You know, it’s like shining all around the car,” Mancuso said. “I was just really terrified.”

Mancuso said her sister was recording the video. At one point the truck driver got beside them like you see in this picture with the laser pointer still in hand and pointing at the car. At one point, Mancuso claims the driver started screaming at them.

“I’m just thinking about her boys, you know what I mean?” Mancuso said. “My nephews, like, I was just really nervous about it.”

The situation came to an end as the vehicles went their separate ways. After the incident, Mancuso said her sister was able to get in touch with the company the truck driver worked for.

“They told her that they were going to put the guy on like only a three-day suspension and that he’s going to take a safety course and it’s something they take really serious,” Mancuso said.

We tried calling the company twice Wednesday morning to confirm that, however, we were sent to voicemail both times.

“I hope I don’t see him again on the road, you know, by me especially,” Mancuso said. “I definitely hope to see it addressed. I know in my company we would see it addressed.”

As of the posting of this story, we still have not gotten a response from the company involved. We will update this story if they get back with us.