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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A new pop-up in Oklahoma City is bringing an new and unique kind of food to the metro. 

“They don’t have anything like this in Oklahoma so it’s really good!” said customer Shani Kim. 

This unique sandwich concept has drawn thousands to the Plaza District. 

“I kind of got one of everything,” said another customer Alex Mach. 

Sandoitchi is a traveling concept. 

They sell different kinds of Japanese sandwiches, otherwise known as ‘sandos.’

“I’ve had something like it in the past, but I’m hoping this is even better,” said customer Lyal Grissom. 

Their classic menu consists of fruit, chicken, pork, and egg salad sandos. 

The pop-up lives on social media and was created right as COVID-19 swept the country. 

They travel city to city and take pre-orders when they arrive. 

“It really came out of necessity, how do we crank out a bunch of food and make sure we’re getting it to people in a consistent manner?” said operations manager, Keith Tran. 

They sell out fast. 

In Oklahoma City, it only took a couple of minutes. 

“Everything sold out pretty quick, but we were lucky enough to get two of each for the four of us,” said Mach. 

Their famous $75 wagyu & black truffle sandwich was gone in 30 seconds. 

“We don’t want to mass produce it; we want to make sure everyone gets their money’s worth out of it,” said head chef Stevie Nguyen. 

You can pre-order online, and Tran says when they sold out this week, they still had about 2,000 customers online trying to order. 

“We suggest everyone set their own alarm and that way they have a reminder, when our site goes live,” said Tran. 

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People lucky enough to snag a sandwich lined up outside at their pop-up location, waiting for the chance to try them.

Customers say it was worth it. 

“It’s a lot better than most other sandwiches,” said Kim. 

“This is definitely just the beginning!” added Nguyen. 

Sandoitchi will be in OKC for another week, and the pre-order goes live Sunday night at 5 p.m.