SASAKWA, Okla. (KFOR) – After months of enduring a water crisis, a small town in Seminole County is almost across the finish line. Sasakwa was alternating days of running water this summer due to a broken well, but now has good news to report.

“It’s a miracle is what it is,” said Sasakwa Mayor Brenda Myrick. 

Thanks to federal funding that’s channeled through Seminole Nation, the town has finally built a new well — no longer having to live on the 24 hours on-24 hours off running water schedule they were on since June.

“The well has been drilled,” Myrick explained. “Everybody’s got water. I’m not doing the 24 on, 24 off. The pressure has been built up.”

Residents in the town of about 80 will remember this summer as nightmarish.

“It was like a bad camping trip,” Joyce Jones said.

Joyce Jones. Image KFOR.

She’s thrilled to once again be washing dishes, among other chores.

“It takes a lot less time to do the cooking and the cleaning and the dishes and everything,” she said joyfully. “We’re not hauling water for everything anymore and it is amazing.”

Mayor Myrick tells KFOR the new well will be fully functional in about two weeks.