ENID, Okla. (KFOR) – There are at least five instances Chelsey Taylor claims should have counted as a violation of the protective order she’s had against an ex-boyfriend since 2021 for abuse, harassment and stalking.

“I’m scared about dying,” Taylor said tearfully as she described each instances. “[Now], I have to make sure I have someone with me at all times.”

Due to privacy concerns and the nature of the allegations, KFOR is not identifying the man named in the protective order.

“I just really want to know why he’s still roaming the streets; why do I have to keep looking over my shoulder?” questioned Taylor.

According to Chelsey, the protective order says the man cannot come within one thousand feet of her home and work addresses, must keep away from her in other public locations, and must also avoid her immediately family, who live nearby.

“I’m definitely angry because there have been numerous laws broken and nothing done about it,” added her mother, Glenda Lawless.

The woman caught one particularly terrifying incident from July, on her cellphone.

Glenda said she heard a man outside yelling, and assumed it was commotion coming from a nearby school.

However, when she looking outside, she saw something much different than what she expected.

“I opened the door to kind of hear [what he was talking about] and he was calling for my daughter,” Lawless said.

She said the man was standing just feet away from her front dooor with not one, but two machetes.

“And then I knew it was [him] and I just started videotaping him because he was just being so threatening [and] he would not put the machetes down,” she added.

The mother and daughter said things have gotten to a point where neither can go anywhere or do anything without protection.

“It’s been 60 days since this man was outside my house, just across the street with two machetes [and] no charges have been filed,” she continued.

Chelsey said they’ve noticed Enid Police patrolling the neighborhood on occasion, but she’s concerned about a worst-case scenario.

“I’m afraid I’m going to wake up in the middle of the night and he’s going to be staring at me with a knife to my throat,” she said tearfully. “I’m not going to be ok until he’s behind bars.”

The pair said they’ve considered picking up and moving out of the area, but finances have put those plans on hold for now.

“I could sell everything I have, which is not much, and move hundreds of miles away,” Lawless said. “Or, the law could step up and do what they’re supposed to do.”

KFOR reached out to both Enid Police and the Garfield County District Attorney’s Office, but have not heard back.