CROMWELL, Okla. (KFOR) – The desperate search for Oaklee Snow, a missing 2-year-old girl from Cromwell, is still on. On Tuesday night, a bake sale and candlelight vigil were held in her honor. 

“All we can do is just keep up the hope,” said April Kelley, a close family friend. “We have been told, you know, to expect the worst. But still, until you actually hear those words… Then we’re going to keep on going.”

Dozens gathered for the event outside of Butner Public Schools to raise money to help search for the toddler. 

“I’ve never needed anything like this. You know? It hurts,” said Zachary Snow, Oaklee’s father. “It’s been rough. I haven’t been sleeping.”

You may remember, in mid-January the toddler’s mother, Madison Marshall, left Cromwell with Oaklee and her and Snow’s 7-month-old son, Coleton, and eventually took off to Indiana with a man named Roan Waters, according to Seminole County investigator J.T. Palmer.

Last month, Palmer told KFOR that according to authorities in Indianapolis, on Feb. 9, witnesses saw Oaklee being carried out of what he was told was a “crack house.”

“They described it as she was either asleep or unconscious. She wasn’t moving,” said Palmer. “She was wrapped in a blanket.”

Marshall allegedly said Oaklee was hurt and needed to go to a hospital, which is where she claimed she was taking her. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

“We have no knowledge of where she’s at, we just know that she did not make it to the hospital that night,” said Palmer last month. 

Meanwhile, Palmer said Coleton was abandoned on the house’s couch. Thanks to someone there calling authorities, the 7-month-old was picked up by CPS and is now in Snow’s custody.

Coleton was at the vigil and bake sale Tuesday. 

Waters has since been arrested in Colorado for an outstanding warrant. Marshall was arrested in Harnett County, North Carolina for child neglect late last month.  

On Tuesday, authorities in Colorado told KFOR that Waters’ mugshot is still not available. 

Many at the vigil said they believe Oaklee is somewhere near Indianapolis. They vow not to give up until she’s found. 

“We’re not going to stop until she is home, regardless of the outcome,” said Kelley. 

Tonight’s event raised more than 600 dollars. 

Zachary Snow said he expects to get an update from the FBI sometime this week.