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SEMINOLE COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office says it appears the nearly month-long search for a missing woman has come to a tragic end.

Nancy Davis, 55, was reported missing by her husband late on a snowy February night. 

“He was on his way home from work and on his way, he had found Nancy’s vehicle,” said Undersheriff Matt Haley, with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office. “But couldn’t find his wife.” 

It appeared her car slid off the road near Park Heights Road and Old State Highway 99.

“The roadways, the field, everything out there was just solid ice,” said Haley. “There were tire impressions in the field, presumably. [It] looks like she was attempting to get back out of the field. It was an incline that she was having to go up and we don’t believe the vehicle was able to make that incline with the conditions.” 

Based off of footprints in the snow, investigators believe she started walking. However, the trail of footprints disappeared. 

The nearly month-long search for Davis kept coming up empty, until this weekend. 

“I was using a smaller drone,” said Haley. “What I found was the purse belonging to Nancy Davis…and then a couple of feet from there [investigators] found her wallet.”

Soon after, remains of who investigators believe is Davis were found about a half a mile away from where her car slid off. According to Haley, the body was found partially submerged in Wewoka Creek. 

“The search and rescue team found a body in the water. So, presumably at this point, we’re presuming it’s Nancy,” said Haley. 

But two big questions remain unanswered: How did the body get there and how did she die?

Haley told KFOR a medical examiner is looking at the remains Monday. He wasn’t sure when the report will be complete. 

“It’s still an open investigation at this time,” said Haley.