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SEMINOLE COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – Seminole County investigators are searching for a missing woman who they said disappeared after driving her car off Highway 99.

“We’ve been out all night. We’ve had drones out here, side by sides, dogs, tracking dogs,” said Seminole County investigator J.T. Palmer. “We had our drone up most of the day.”

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Nancy Davis

It’s an all-out search in south Seminole County to find Nancy Davis.

“She’s wearing a bright orange or red poncho. You’d think that she would stand out,” said Palmer.

Palmer said the 55-year-old took her dogs with her on an errand late Thursday night, but drove her white car off Highway 99 while heading home.

Investigators said they spent around 15 hours searching for Davis in the area close to her car. They’ve been using thermal drone technology to try to find her in the brush. The problem is the cold weather. Davis’ body temperature likely wouldn’t show up as well if she’d been in the elements this entire time.

Palmer said after Davis’ car got stuck, she stepped out and started walking. The sleet and snow helped investigators retrace her steps.

“She’s not walking at a brisk pace,” said Palmer. “She’s more shufflin’ her feet.”

Palmer said Davis recently had a stroke and needs her medicine. The tracks led to a bad sign.

“We found a pill bottle and one of her dogs,” he said. “We know that she don’t have medicine with her now.”

The tracks circled around eventually disappearing near the side of the road.

“Our concern is if she’s been out here all nights in the elements,” said Palmer. “The best thing we can hope for right now, somebody has picked her up and took her somewhere. If that’s the case, all we’re wanting is a phone call to tell us that. ‘Hey, we’ve got her.’”

Investigators said they’ve exhausted their search in the area and don’t believe she’s there anymore. Now, they’re relying on leads from the news and social media.

If you know where Nancy is, call (405) 257-5445