SEMINOLE, Okla. (KFOR) – Seminole teachers had today off, so they decided to hand out water and food to residents without power.

Seminole Public Schools canceled classes until Wednesday.

The educators loaded up a bus and took to the streets to show support to their students and their families.

“We want each student out here to know that we love them beyond the walls,” said Ebony Harris, a Seminole High School teacher.

For the Knox family, the display of compassion was appreciated.

Johnny Knox and his son, Drew have been without power for five nights.

Last week’s tornadoes knocked down a power line and ripped the meter from the side of their house. They now wait for an electrician to come fix it.

“We can’t seem to get nobody out here. We’re running extension cards from the neighbor’s house,” said homeowner Johnny Knox.

The extension cord connects to the refrigerator. It’s the only things with power inside the house.

Drew Knox is a senior at Seminole High School, so he has the time to help out dad with the cleanup.

The chainsaw wood and take it to the street.

The two of them are living at the house to avoid looters.

Usually, Drew’s 82 year-old grandmother lives there, too. She is living with other family until the power is restored.

Johnny Knox reached out to electricians and is waiting to hear back.

“We’ve had two or three say they’re going to come, but nobody showed up yet, so we’re just on standby,” said Knox.

While the rest of his neighborhood lights up at night, he is forced to remain patient.

“Everybody’s busy. There’s downtown and there’s all kinds of issues — we understand that,” said Knox, acknowledging that the whole town of Seminole is under repair.