SEMINOLE, Okla. (KFOR) – Seminole Public Schools teachers became students on Wednesday, learning how to protect themselves and their classrooms from a shooter’s bullets.

“Our kids are our kids, and we love them,” said Seminole High School teacher Krista Clark. “That’s why we’re [participating].”

Nearly 200 Seminole Public Schools teachers and administration staff members participated in stress inoculation training for teachers with the Pottawatomie Sheriff’s Office and Seminole Police Department.

They learned tactics on how to survive an active shooter until law enforcement arrives.

“For years, we’ve taught law enforcement how to come to school and how to interact once we get here,” said Lt. Steven Sample with the sheriff’s office. “But we’ve always failed to teach the teachers how to survive until we make it there.”

Three simulations were held at the Gordon Cooper Tech Center in Shawnee for free.

The goal was to give the teachers some stress and reality of the things they need to do until the police get there to help them.

“I just feel wholeheartedly that if our teachers know the basics, they’ll be better suited to protect the children,” said Lt. Sample.

Three of the many tactics they learned were run, fight, and hide.

“I think one of the most nerve-wracking or scariest things was not only actually when it happened, but the shots that we heard before they entered the room,” said Seminole High School teacher Ebony Harris.

The fear from hearing gunshots and yelling painted a real picture of what they hope will never become a reality.

“I don’t think that a teacher is ever fully ready for something like this, but I feel like we are becoming more equipped,” said Harris.