OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Senate approved Senate Bill 1057 on Monday to make sure there is greater accountability when alcohol is served at event venues.

In 2020, Marissa Murrow was a student at the University of Central Oklahoma when she was hit head-on and killed by a drunk driver who had been drinking at a wedding event venue, officials say.

Marissa Murrow. Image courtesy Sen. Paul Rosino.

SB 1057, also known as the Marissa Murrow Act, was authored by Sen. Paul Rosino, R-Oklahoma City.

“Marissa was valedictorian of her Mustang High School class and planned to become a special education teacher – she had a bright future ahead of her, but her life was taken by a four-time drunk driver coming from an event venue,” Rosino said. “Our current laws address situations when someone has been overserved at a bar or restaurant, but it doesn’t specifically address event venues. SB 1057 will close that loophole.”

Sen. Paul Rosino presenting legislation. Image courtesy Sen. Paul Rosino.
Sen. Paul Rosino presenting legislation. Image courtesy Sen. Paul Rosino.

According to Sen. Rosino, there are around 3,000 event venues in Oklahoma that under current statutes are not required to have any sort of license in order to serve alcohol at their locations. SB 1057 would require a venue to have an event venue license from the Alcohol Beverage Laws Enforcement (ABLE) Commission in order for its caterers to serve alcohol.

Sen. Rosino worked with Murrow’s parents, Jeff and Kristy Murrow, on the legislation. Officials say the Murrows were in attendance and watched from the Senate gallery as Sen. Rosino presented the bill on the floor.

Jeff and Kristy Murrow. Image courtesy Sen. Paul Rosino.

“We know that nothing’s going to bring our daughter back, but our number one goal is to provide more safety so that someone else doesn’t have to experience what we did,” said Kristy Murrow. “It’s an unthinkable thing, and if we can help someone else…that’s what our goal is.”

SB 1057 will now move to the House of Representatives for further consideration where Rep. Jon Echols, R-Oklahoma City, will act as House principal author.