ADA, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma woman is facing sentencing for first-degree murder charges after she allegedly asked her lover to kill her pastor husband.

In March 2021, Pastor David Evans, of Freewill Harmony Church in Ada, was shot in the head while he slept. Investigators said the gunman used the pastor’s own gun and bullets.

At the Pontotoc County Courthouse Tuesday, the couple’s daughter testified her mother had already served her time. The wife’s father told the job she is not a threat to society.

Kristie Evans is facing a possible life sentence.

“We’re going to be requesting a split sentence,” said Joi Miskel, Evans’s defense attorney. “Some time in prison and the rest of life on probation.”

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Kristie Evans, image KFOR

Tuesday, the 49-year-old testified she asked her lover, Kahlil Square, to shoot and kill the Baptist pastor, so Evans and her kids could escape three decades of abuse.

She said from the outside of the home, Pastor Evans was “charming,” “smooth” and “suave.” However, she said behind closed doors he was controlling and abusive to her and their three children.

“From day one she was abused. She went from being in a small town home with her mom and dad, to a very abusive home with her husband, who over decades and decades abused her physically, emotionally, financially, sexually, especially in the last five years,” said Miskel. “He pretty much farmed her out and had men have sex with her, sometimes multiples at a time.”

The pastor’s wife said he was battling anxiety and depression. He often threatened to kill her, her parents, the kids and himself. Evans said he would put the barrel of the gun to his chin during arguments.

Mugshot of Kahlil Deamie Square
Kahlil Square

He allegedly found his only relief came from porn and sex.

Evans said her husband would put out ads on Craigslist advertising men could do whatever they wanted to Evans. He would plan with the men without asking her. Often, the men would stand them up at the motel, so he would book multiple men at a time. Sometimes, several of the men would show up at once. Evans testified her husband would watch, join in or have his own sexual encounters with the men.

One of those responses to the ads was 26-year-old Kahlil Square. Evans said he thought she was sexy and gave her compliments.

“It was a lifeline for her at that point, to just have someone pay her attention. And it was all positive attention,” said Miskel.

The duo started their own secret relationship, texting and talking on the phone multiple times a day.

While David Evans was on a mission trip in Mexico, Evans testified she asked Square to help her get out of the situation. The secret lovers planned Evans would leave the pastor’s gun and bullets outside for Square to use.

The night of the murder, prosecutors pointed out Evans turned up the TV and the fan to drown out any noise, rendering her husband defenseless.

While he was asleep, Evans testified Square snuck into the room and shot him in the head, while Kristie stayed on the couch. She later called 911.

Dispatcher: What’s going on?

Evans: Someone shot my husband! He’s bleeding out his mouth and nose and stuff and there’s a hole in the top of his head!

David Evans in memoriam
David Evans

Evans said the guilt ate her alive and knew she had to turn herself in. She explained everything to her daughter before heading to the Ada Police Department. She was arrested and booked into the Pontotoc County Jail.

Prosecutors said Square tried to back out of the plan and Evans could have called it off, but she didn’t.

They also pointed out the couple’s $250,000 life insurance policy and that the family declared bankruptcy months before the murder.

Prosecutors painted a different picture of Evans, alleging she used Square and wrote sexual messages to other men in prison.

The cross-examiner told Evans she was a very good liar. Evans replied, “Yes, I’ve lived a whole 30 years with a mask on my face.”

Evans’ daughter also testified the pastor was abusive to her mother and siblings.

“It’s divided the family. Her daughter is behind her 100 percent. The boys, they’re torn. And who can blame them? Especially to see your parents, and you’re hearing all of this stuff, the world is hearing about all of this, and it’s just beyond devastating,” said Miskel.

Kristie said she turned herself in to “get right with God.” Prosecutors said she did it because she knew she’d get caught.

Prosecutors said they are not allowed to talk to media until after sentencing.

The sentencing starts back up tomorrow morning.