OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The first full weekend of September is traditionally Free Hunting Days in Oklahoma. On these two days, Oklahoma residents may participate in open hunting seasons without the requirement to have a state hunting license. 

Free hunting days are set for September 2nd – 3rd, 2023.

According to the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation, these free days provide a perfect chance for seasoned hunters to instruct a newcomer to the sport or even to introduce someone completely new to the time-honored American tradition of hunting.

This year, open hunting seasons during Free Hunting Days include a number of species, such as dovesquirrel, and coyote. Others are listed in the current Oklahoma Fishing & Hunting Regulations. 

Game Wardens will be on duty as usual to ensure compliance with bag limits, shooting hours, shotgun plugs, hunter education requirements, special area regulations, and other general regulations that are published in the Oklahoma Fishing and Hunting Regulations.

The regulations are available online at wildlifedepartment.com/hunting/regs.