GARVIN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – Garvin County deputies reportedly busted a prescription painkiller drug ring in Lindsay.

Investigators said the suspected ring leader is 68-years-old. She and four others are now facing racketeering charges.

“We’ve got the first five players right now and our investigation is opening up,” said Garvin County Sheriff Jim Mullet. “Everybody’s being looked at.”

Sheriff Mullet said 68-year-old Betty Williams, 49-year-old Karen Thompson, 34-year-old Matthew Johnson, 25-year-old Kalyn Steakly, and 25-year-old Fury Stinnett are facing racketeering charges for their alleged role in the Lindsay drug ring.

Court documents showed Garvin County investigators found the group, thanks to a cell phone discovered while carrying out a search warrant for an unrelated child pornography case in the area. Investigators said the cell phone belonged to Williams.

“She’s the brains of the operation,” said Mullet. “She put it together. She’s the one going to the doctors and are getting the pills to sell.”

Investigators said Williams is prescribed hydrocodone, clonazepam, and oxycodone every 30 days. Mullet said each pill could sell for up to $15 to $20 on the street.

Court documents show Williams sold or gave out the pills to the other four alleged users and dealers that are now facing charges.

“Now, we’re going back to find out exactly how far this has been going on,” said Mullet.

Sheriff Mullet noted deputies are still early on in the investigation, which they believe will take them beyond county lines. Now, they’re asking for help from other agencies.

“Maybe this is a good wakeup call for some. It’s a wakeup call saying, ‘you know, I got in trouble, but maybe I can get some help. And that’s what we’re all about,’” said Mullet.

Mullet said his office is reaching out to Stephens and Grady counties to help out in this investigation. He expects other counties will be involved later on.