MUSTANG, Okla. (KFOR) – Several neighbors in Mustang say a man has been going door to door falsely representing a locally owned pest control company. The owner told KFOR she doesn’t know who he is and claims he is not a part of their business.  

Neighbors in the Branches neighborhood in Mustang said the man showed up on a hoverboard claiming to be a salesman with Hobbs Pest Control and Termite Experts company. A couple of neighbors alerted the company once they knew something wasn’t right. 

“I was contacted initially by email and it was somebody that is a mustang resident, not a current customer of ours. However, they were extremely upset, stating that somebody from our company came to their door trying to sell them pest control services,” said Julie Hobbs, owner of Hobbs Pest Control and Termite Experts. 

The owner of Hobbs Pest Control and Termite Experts, Julie Hobbs, said they never do door to door sales like he was accused of doing. 

“We do not conduct our business that way. We pretty much do everything strictly by word of mouth, maybe some social media marketing, but we do not go door to door,” said Hobbs.  

The neighbor sent her pictures of the individual, and she was able confirm he was not an employee of theirs and did not wear their uniform. 

“A couple of days later, one of our customers contacted us directly and gave us the exact same story that somebody had just come to their house. And he described them the same as the other person did, same uniform wearing a dark green shirt and that he was representing Hobbs,” said Hobbs.  

That’s when Julie Hobb’s knew something wasn’t right.  

“That’s what’s frustrating the most, is that, possibly how many people are out there that don’t know that they’re not associated with us and now associate our name with this company that’s obviously doing things wrong… There’s just too many things going on here that don’t add up,” said Hobbs.  

After his picture was posted online by one of the neighbors, several other people on Facebook in the neighborhood and in other surrounding neighborhoods claimed he’s been to their home too.  

One Branches neighborhood resident told KFOR he saw the same man not too long ago claiming to be a salesman from a home security company.  

“The first time I saw him was months back and he was selling Vivint Home Security,” said Justin Miz, Hobbs Pest Control customer and Mustang resident.  

But then, Justin Miz claims he saw the same man come to his home a second time. He didn’t answer. 

“This time I saw him. Same guy, same old white Segway deal. I had just gotten out of the shower, and he rang the doorbell. I didn’t answer the door, but I saw him, and I figured it was the Vivint deal again,” said Miz.  

According to other neighbors, around that time, he was claiming to be with the Hobbs Pest Control and Termite Expert Company.  

“He’s up to no good…. portraying something and try to take money under false pretenses? Something like that is what he’s trying to do, which I would never give anybody money under something like that,” said Miz.