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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Several Oklahoma City Public School students face misdemeanor charges after allegedly consuming chocolate laced with weed.

“It was Friday, May 13th, when police were made aware of approximately six students at Taft Middle School who had consumed some edible marijuana,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department. 

A school resource officer at Taft Middle School found several students lethargic and high.

According to a police report, the students were seen on surveillance video huddled in the gym last Friday.
They were eating chocolate-covered edibles.

Those students claimed the edibles were 1,000 mg.  

“Most of those were in the form of gummies,” said Knight. “Some of them were in the form of brownies.” 

The report revealed one student was extremely high and had a heart rate of 150 beats per minute.  

Another student even asked the resource officer, “How long would it take for the high to go away?”

The SRO told police he found a different teen covered in vomit. 

“At least one of them ended up being transported to a hospital simply because of his level of intoxication,” said Knight. “He was having a hard time communicating and not dozing off.” 

The officer found another student in the school’s office conference room.

Inside, the SRO found a blue cookies brand vape and charger. That male student was placed under arrest.

Oklahoma City Public Schools released this statement to KFOR: 

“On Friday, May 13th, there was an incident at Taft Middle School involving illegal drugs that resulted in law enforcement and medical personnel being on campus. The students involved have been disciplined according to the OKCPS Student Code of Conduct.” 

“These were 13, 14-year-old kids. Of all, six of them ended up technically being placed under arrest,” said Knight.