OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Residents at a Metro apartment complex say they are forced to sweat it out after the air conditioner stopped working.

KFOR has heard from multiple residents dealing with a broken AC unit at the Tiffany Retro Apartments along Northwest Expressway.

One woman told KFOR she was without AC all weekend long. While the temperature was soaring into the triple digits outside, she was melting from the heat inside.

She put in a work order on Friday, but no one came to fix it until Monday. And ever since then, she said her AC has been in and out. She said she’s had enough.

“I let her know that I cannot continue to live like this, and I need to be let out of my lease. So, I’m moving out in a couple of weeks,” said Leemontye Hennesy, resident at the Tiffany Retro Apartments.  

Leemontye Hennesy said her AC unit has been acting up for the last two months. 

Since moving to the Tiffany Retro Apartments in April, she said the air hasn’t worked in her bedroom.  

“Currently, the AC doesn’t work in my bedroom, so I sit in the living room a lot because it’s really cool in there,” said Hennesy. 

Hennesy adds the AC issues are the reason she’s leaving before her lease is up.  

“I pay a lot of rent… And I know a lot of people, not only me is struggling with AC,” said Hennesy.

Nick Benton said he lives on the 9th floor. 

“The longest I’ve had to wait is about two days but that was when the entire building has air conditioning issues,” said Benton.  

Benton said he’s had minor issues here and there with his AC unit, but the apartment complex always seems to fix the issue. 

“They’ve been typically pretty brief… Typically, it’s [fixed] within a day or two at the most,” said Benton.  

There may be signs of hope. 

Two repair trucks were parked outside the complex Tuesday morning. 

When KFOR asked one of the drivers what was going on, we were told they were working on the buildings’ air conditioning. 

“I think they need to vacate everybody and redo the entire building because there are very much a lot of issues that goes on in the building, that could be fixed if it was just rebuilt,” said Hennesy. 

KFOR reached out to the Tiffany Apartment complex and talked with a manager on the phone.  

She told KFOR they forwarded our request to their corporate office. 

“If they have not gotten into contact with you, I am sorry but that is their decision and I’m sorry,” said the Tiffany Apartments manager on the phone.  

So, we asked for that corporate office information since we haven’t heard from them. 

“I’m not at liberty to give that to you at this point, I do apologize,” said the Tiffany Apartments manager on the phone.  

Eventually, they gave us the corporate phone number.  

Someone from the corporate office told us they are doing everything they can reacting to each call with air-conditioning issues. 

She went on to say, “Some of the vendors are having a hard time getting parts. We’re not ignoring them; we are working as diligently as we can in these high temperatures.”