Update 12/13: An attorney for the Bethany-Warr Acres Publics Works Authority released the following update:

“The Authority is aware of the wastewater overflow that occurred near 178th and Meridian Saturday morning.  The overflow was caused by a mechanical failure in one of the pumps being utilized at this location.  The mechanical problems were resolved and the overflow was stopped within an hour of Plant personnel arriving on the scene Saturday morning.  New equipment is being utilized at this location to avoid any additional overflows until a permanent solution can be implemented.   Plant personnel are working to conduct necessary cleanup of the overflow site and have reported the issue to the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.  We have no further updates at this time.”

Update 12/10:  Erin Hatfield with Oklahoma Environmental Quality tells KFOR the Bethany/Warr Acres area had critical failure in equipment in the last few weeks. The plant was not working and there was a total bypass. OKC was accepting the wastewater for treatment. Hatfield states this is a temporary solution and there is no estimated time for when the plant will be fixed and be able to bypass itself. It was pumping about 3 million gallons of wastewater per day. The rain last night is what caused the overflow/bypass to occur. Nothing more is known at this time.

BETHANY, Okla. (KFOR) – Residents in Bethany are awakening to a strong stench in the air.

The Bethany water plant experienced flooding problems this morning with raw sewage spilling into the roadway.

No word as to the cause, traffic detours or a estimated time for clean up.

KFOR has a crew on the scene assessing the cleanup and will keep you updated to developments.