EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) — It has been almost 1 year to the day since Sgt. Joseph Wells was hit and nearly killed by an out of control driver.

The accident left him in the hospital for months with severe, permanent damage. Monday night, the Edmond community came together to honor and award Sgt. Wells with the Police Medal of Valor and the Police Purple Heart medal for putting his life on the line to keep the community safe.

People filled the city council chambers wall to wall ready to say thank you to Sgt. Wells. For him, it was emotional as he is still on a long journey toward recovering, but everyday he is thankful to be alive.

“None of the doctors I see understand why I’m still here,” Sgt. Wells said. “They say there is no medical reason I survived or I’m still here.”

Last month we sat down with Sgt. Joseph Wells and for the first time, he talked about his horrific accident, when he was hit straight on by an out of control driver. The violent attack was caught on camera.

“I want everyone to see it,” Sgt. Wells said.

Today, almost a year to the day since he was hit, he’s the epitome of perseverance.

“Sgt. Wells, in recognition of your brave actions, you’re hereby awarded the Police Medal of Valor in recognition of the devastating injuries you sustained; and as a result of those actions, you’re hereby awarded the Police Purple Heart Medal,” JD Younger, Edmond Police Chief said.

Sgt. Wells sustained life threatening injuries that he is still recovering from to this day, but today, surrounded by loved ones, he received a standing ovation thanking him for laying his life down to protect the community.

While Sgt. Wells says the recovery process is still a long journey ahead, he appreciates everyone that has stuck by his side.

“I appreciate everyone coming out,” Sgt. Wells said. “It’s definitely been a long journey recovery, but I’m getting there. So thanks, everybody, for being here.”