SHAWNEE, Okla. (KFOR) – A Shawnee man said he’s lucky to be alive after he rode out last week’s storm while holding onto a door of a building on Kickapoo street. He recorded some of his terrifying experience. 

During the storm, Joseph Armenta said, “Oh God please! Jesus please God help me… Please God, I’m begging you… Oh my God. Oh my God! Help me!”

That’s the screams of a terrified Shawnee father who was stuck outside on Kickapoo street just across the street from the tornado. 

Joseph Armenta hit record on his cell phone and put it in his pocket.  

In the video you can hear him fear for his life and praying to God asking to save him. But all he can think about is his children. 

He said, “I love my kids, don’t let me go… I won’t lose faith in you, Jesus please.” 

“I love my kids and I believe, you know, my faith in love helped me with that. God is love and I love my kids infinitely… No matter what, I shouldn’t be here right now,” said Joseph Armenta, outside during tornado in Shawnee.  

Armenta was walking home from work when the storm quickly approached. Feeling like he had nowhere to take shelter, he grabbed onto the door of an insurance agency and held on for dear life. 

Armenta said the tornado was 60 feet away from the door he was holding onto. 

“I just tried to tuck into a fetal position as best I could and I saw sheet metal in front of me, so I closed my arms in front of my face,” said Armenta.

When the window of the business shattered, he got inside and took cover in the bathroom.   

“I dove through, got in the bathroom. You can hear it, quiet down, dead quiet again. And it hit the building directly behind me, took out the south side of it. 

Armenta said he’s just thankful to be alive for his children. 

“I shouldn’t be here, that’s all I can’t get over. And I know I’m here for my kids and I’m thankful for that,” said Armenta.  

As for injuries, he only walked away with a few scratches on his face and arms.