SHAWNEE, Okla. (KFOR) – A tornado ripped through a small neighborhood north of Black Hawk Casino, taking down roofs, cars, and homes.

Snider Heights is where the concentrated damage occurred, said Shannon Shultz, with the Pottawatomie County Emergency Management.

Sunday night’s tornado came through from the southwest and completely damaged one home.

We spoke to the homeowners, but they did not want to be on camera.

Last night the husband was watching tv, and his wife was looking at the storm through the window, when a tree outside suddenly fell.

The wife turned and started for the safe room which is located on the northeast side of the house.

She made it, but within the seconds the tornado was consuming the house. Her husband had to dive to the floor in the living room, shielding himself from falling two-by-fours and broken glass.

Both managed to survive with only cuts and scrapes.

Down the street, their neighbors were picking up the pieces to broken fences and torn-off roofs.

“The roofs, roofs gone, fences down a tree limbs, trees down. It just, you know, like a bomb went off,” said Randy Sorrell, a homeowner. “I’d never seen it, you know, like this anywhere. I mean, I’ve seen it on TV, but you actually live through it, you know, it really amazes you.”

Randy and his wife Maggie did not have time to get into their shelter either.

Their fence was completely pulled from the ground and there was damage to their hot tub.

“It was moving 70 miles an hour and we were going to try to go to the cellar and we didn’t have time. I mean, it hit that quick, so we had to run and we just run in one of the bedrooms,” said Randy.

Pottawatomie County Emergency Management officials said over 40 structures were damaged and 6 homes were considered unlivable.

There were no reported injuries.

“I’ve seen out here when we were out earlier, just talking to several people, neighbors helping neighbors, you know, somebody’s displaced and their neighbors offering a place for them to stay,” said Shannon Shultz, the volunteer public information officer.

Shultz said this is, “what we’re just used to as Pottawattamie County takes care of their own.”

The National Weather Service and the Red Cross were in the neighborhood all afternoon surveying damage.

Shultz did confirm that a tornado went through the area Sunday night, but the severity hadn’t been determined.