GRADY COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A family is recovering just days after their car missed a curve and overturned in a ravine.

“Everybody in the vehicle was knocked unconscious,” said Richard Wells, recounting the story to KFOR.

The accident happened on September 8th, while Melinda Wells was traveling eastbound along Country Road (CR) 1320, near Chickasha, with her children.

Authorities said her vehicle approached the curve departing the roadway, hitting an embankment, and coming to a stop.

“She did not see the curve and didn’t have time to brake and went straight down and across the canyon,” said her husband Richard Wells, also saying authorities said it was the fourth accident in the area.

“She didn’t realize she was off the road until she was midair.”

Richard said the car landed almost eighty feet from where it flew off the road.

Once the car came to a stop, emergency responders initially had difficulty locating it.

“[Melinda] came to and her immediate thought was to call me before even calling 911,” said Richard.

“The bad part is she didn’t know where she was located. She didn’t know where she was at, and 911 services could not locate her cell phone,” he added.” he added.

Richard said that’s when 11-year-old Kyler sprang into action.

“He climbed that entire embankment with his dislocated shoulder and broken arm to flag somebody down; if not for him, this could have been a lot worse,” said Richard.

While his wife Melinda and their youngest daughter Kimber suffered very minor injuries, Kyler and Khloe suffered more serious injuries, including a fracture above the elbow, a dislocated shoulder and a mild concussion for Kyler.

Khloe had to have several inches of her small bowel removed, and suffered a deep laceration from her ear to the left side of her temple that required 100 stiches.

Following the accident, a new guard rail was installed within a week with bright reflectors.

The family told KFOR they were overwhelmed by all the love and support they’ve received from their communities, including the town of Ninekah and Khloe’s softball team.

Richard said they helped restore his “faith in humanity”.

“There are always good things that come out of bad situations,” he said.