OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Following an outbreak of canine flu, Oklahoma City Animal Welfare says it is slowly starting to open to the public.

Staff at the shelter say they are now working to find homes for hundreds of dogs.

In March, the Oklahoma City Animal shelter announced that it was temporarily closing due to a rapidly spreading upper respiratory infection.

“It’s life or death, when we say this, it’s serious,” said Jon Gary, Superintendent of Oklahoma City Animal Welfare. “This is the first time we ever have closed a building, but we’ve also never seen anything that spread as rapidly as this is spreading.”

Every shelter dog was treated with a round of amoxicillin and doxycycline.

Now, the shelter is opening for adoptions only on May 12 though May 14.

Organizers say all fees are waived for adoptions, and there are approximately 320 dogs up for adoption.

“We asked for the community’s help when we made the difficult decision to temporarily close on March 28,” said Gary. “Closing was necessary to save the lives of the hundreds of dogs in the shelter. We are asking for help again to finish the work of saving their lives by giving them forever homes. The shelter is still over capacity and it’s essential that we make space when we open for intake on May 15.”

Oklahoma City Animal Welfare is located at 2811 SE 29th St. in Oklahoma City.