CHANDLER, Okla. (KFOR) – The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office says a man who shot a 16-year-old girl in her home Sunday night is an apparent relative.

Video captured law enforcement walking up to the suspect’s home a short time later on a separate report. At the time, they didn’t know he was the one who allegedly shot the teen. 

You can hear the suspect yelling at police.

It is hard to make out what he was saying, but you can hear a deputy ask him if he knew that his niece had been shot. 

The deputy asked him, “Do you know your niece was shot?” The suspect replied, “Yeah.” 

Around two hours after that interaction, investigators got a search warrant and arrested Jodie Jones at his home for allegedly shooting the teen in the leg at her home with a 12-gauge shotgun. 

Mugshot of Jodie Jones
Jodie Jones. Image courtesy Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

“He shot one time through the door. There was there was a hole in the door,” said Charlie Dougherty, Lincoln County Sheriff. 

But the motive as to why he would shoot the teen remains unknown. 

“We believe he’s still under the influence of narcotics and we’re going to wait to attempt to interview him later on,” said Bennett. 

Lincoln County Sheriff, Charlie Dougherty said when the victim was shot, her dad pulled her back to safety and looked for a gun himself. By then, Jones had run away.    

Amanda Tutt claims she’s known Jones for over 20 years and tells us in a statement, “The suspect is not a bad man, just deeply afflicted and struggling with many demons of his own, he served in Afghanistan as an Army Ranger. Mental health and addiction seemingly go hand in hand. Praying for all involved.” 

According to court records, Jones has never had a serious conviction. He’s had minor run-ins with drugs, but no prison time. 

“We found a shotgun inside the residence… That we believed was used in that crime,” said Bennett.  

Authorities said the victim was flown to OU-Medical with non-life-threatening injuries.