GRANT COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – Authorities in Grant County say they have arrested a man following a unique scam.

On July 13, deputies with the Grant County Sheriff’s Office learned about a fraudulent credit card purchase at the Farmer’s Grain Fuel Pumps in Lamont.

An Oklahoma City resident called Farmer’s Grain after realizing that their information had been stolen and used to make a fuel purchase.

Investigators reviewed surveillance footage and spotted a tan four-door Ford pickup truck with a white utility bed.

The victim told officials that they didn’t loan or authorize any fuel purchases with their card. In fact, the victim said they had never been to Grant County.

The next day, investigators conducted surveillance on the fuel pumps and spotted the same vehicle.

“The suspect utilized a fraudulently obtained card to purchase approximately 54 gallons of diesel which is approximately $286,” a release from Grant County read.

Deputies contacted the man and obtained a search warrant for his truck.

Investigators say the truck had an altered service truck bed that was enclosed and welded to conceal a cavity that was being used to store the fuel.

Officials say the suspect, Sinclair Tablada Reiner, had numerous Walmart gift cards in his pockets. They say the information on the magnetic strips of the cards was different than the information on the physical cards themselves.

Reiner was ultimately arrested for possession of an incomplete credit or debit card.

Sinclair Reiner Credit: Grant County Sheriff’s Office

The Farmer’s Grain says $1,300 of fuel was fraudulently purchased on July 13, but that’s not when the scam started.

“It is our understanding the Farmer’s Grain in Lamont has lost nearly 10,000 dollars in fuel in the past few weeks because of this criminal activity,” the release states.

Investigators say the scam works by stealing people’s information and then loading it onto the magnetic strip of various gift cards, which are then used to steal fuel.

At this point, where the fuel is going is unknown.

Reiner is the third Cuban national to be arrested in Grant County connected to this particular type of scam.