OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – It’s been nearly one year since a young mother was found dead on the side of a rural Oklahoma road. Three weeks shy of the anniversary of her death, there are still no answers, no clues and no suspect. Now, her mother and sister have turned into investigators themselves. They’re determined to keep up the “Faithe” and never give up hope.

“We don’t have the answers and it’s already been almost 365 days and we’re still with nothing. So, when is it going to be cold?” asked the victim’s sister, Kaitlynn Alderman. “She’s a person. She’s a mom.”

Nearly a year ago, 23-year-old Faithe Ely was found dead along Highway 56 near Wewoka. At the time, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) believed the mother of two was hit and killed by a white truck pulling a trailer. Now, the investigation is in the Oklahoma Highway Patrol’s hands. Investigators no longer believe the truck was involved.

“There is no physical evidence of a vehicle pedestrian accident,” said Amanda Langston, Ely’s mother. “So, we’re already feeling like we got to play catch up.”

Over the past year, Ely’s family has made a Facebook group devoted to keeping her story alive. They’ve also made shirts, countless fliers, been on a true crime podcast and have even written to legislators.

“We’re looking for anyone who has any information regarding Faithe’s death. Her movements, people she has around, events of the day, as well as after that,” said Langston.

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Faithe Ely

Langston and Alderman have also been partnering with families of other unsolved murder victims. Many have suggested to invest in a private investigator, but the family said that would cost them a fortune.

Now, the mother and daughter are raising money for a reward.

“We’d like to raise at least $2,500. We’re thinking that’s a good starting point to get somebody to talk. It gets some attention,” said Langston. “It’s kind of the way people are anymore. They’re not going to do the right thing unless they’re getting paid for it.”

The duo is also looking for stores that will allow the family to put out donation jars to help raise the money. Their goal is to find answers, so they can tell Ely’s daughter and son what happened when they’re old enough to understand.

“[Ely’s son] cries a lot,” said Langston. “He’s got a lot of breaking down because he may not know the passage of time, but he knows it’s been a long time.”

Ely’s son is now in Alderman’s care. Alderman said she’s keeping the promise she made her sister, to take care of him if something happened to Ely.

“What do you say to these children who say, ‘Why hasn’t my mom come to pick me up yet?’ What do you say?” said Alderman. “[Ely has] missed out on so much. It’s only been a year and we have a whole lifetime to go.”

Until they have answers, Langston and Alderman want whoever is responsible to know they’re not giving up.

“We just got to keep pushing. You know, we just can’t let them forget,” said Langston.

Ely’s family is hosting a “Trageversary Fundraiser” on March 27 to help raise money for the reward. If you’d like to donate, you can find more information on the Justice For Faithe Facebook Page or the GoFundMe page.