OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Shidler Elementary School in Oklahoma City is now set to close ahead of schedule.

According to Oklahoma City Schools Superintendent Sean McDaniel during last night’s board meeting, the district is closing the school because of structural issues that make it unsafe for some students.

KFOR first reported on this issue and the concerns of the school facility back in January and since that time, most students have been learning at Adelaide Lee.

Ward 7 City Council woman, Nikki Nice says she is concerned about the plans to close Shilder.

“As we continue to look at the closing of these schools, i hope again that you will be mindful of the purchasing process and one, how we work to keep these schools back in this community. I think no one in the community, this neighborhood would like to see their school close.”

Shidler and Adelaide Lee students will combine on the Adelaide Lee campus in the fall. Voters approved a bond in November that will build a new school for the students, but it won’t be ready until 2026.

Currently, the district says it is exploring ways to repurpose the old Shidler building.