PAYNE COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) — Court records filed in Payne County District Court last week detail a violent argument between two Glencoe men. 

“An assault like this could easily have been deadly,” said Rockford Brown, the Public Information Officer for the Payne County Sheriff’s Office. 

Brown told KFOR that on the afternoon of March 25, a man flagged down a Payne County Deputy who was on patrol. 

“The victim, who was driving a vehicle, drove up to the deputy and told him he needed an ambulance from being shot,” said Brown. 

Court records show the man claimed Lester Bays was who pulled the trigger. 

Photo courtesy Payne County Jail, Lester Bays

“They got into some kind of verbal altercation,” said Brown. “The victim was leaving and said something that caused the suspect to become enraged and that’s when he pulled a firearm and shot through a wall. [The] victim was on the other side of the wall when he was hit and was hit in the hand.”

The victim was taken to a hospital, according to the court documents. His injuries were not life-threatening. 

Meanwhile, deputies went to Bays’ home. The body camera footage shows that Bays was lying in bed when they arrived. 

Court records show Bays told a deputy that he had gotten upset with the victim and pulled his “pistol from under his pillow and shot him through the wall as [the victim] was running out of the room.” 

While searching the home, deputies found two large trash bags with marijuana in them. Investigators say the total amount was about 32 pounds. 

“Which is over the threshold for trafficking of marijuana,” said Brown. “Our suspect didn’t have a grower’s license, didn’t have any kind of medical marijuana license in of itself, no license to transport or store marijuana.” 

According to the Payne County Jail’s website, Bays is locked up for shooting with intent to kill, use of firearm while committing a felony, carrying or possessing a firearm by a convicted felon and trafficking 25 pounds or more of marijuana. 

The Oklahoma State Courts Network shows Bays is set to be in court May 1.