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HARRAH, Okla. (KFOR) – It was a tense couple of hours for law enforcement and area residents on Wednesday as shots were heard coming from a home in rural, far Northeast Oklahoma County. A reportedly suicidal man fired multiple rounds before surrendering to authorities in Harrah.

“Man, cops come by there wide open. One of them has the sirens on. Rest of them just had the lights on,” said Marty Wilmouth, an area resident.

Wilmouth talking about the multiple police cars that rushed to a house a half mile southeast of Harrah and Britton Road.

“Around 10 o’clock this morning, we got a call about a possible suicidal individual here in Harrah,” said Aaron Brilbeck of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

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The scene of a standoff in Harrah.

Officials say a family member called saying a man with a pistol was in the home.

“We know he fired several different shots, at least a half-dozen shots. I don’t know if he was shooting at anyone in particular or anything in particular or if he was just blowing off steam,” said Brilbeck.

Law enforcement personnel from Harrah, Jones, Luther and the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office set up a perimeter on the property. Negotiators and tactical teams were on site with Bearcats, armored military type vehicles.

“We didn’t know where the bullets were traveling at that point, and, unfortunately, once they leave the gun, there is no taking them back,” said Brilbeck.

Police used a loud-speaker PA system to try to communicate with the man inside the house but just before noon.

“All units get off the PA, the subject is currently on the phone with the negotiator. He is threatening to shoot rounds thru the door if you continue to talk on the PA.” was heard on the police radio.

But officials kept trying to talk to the man and find out what he wanted. Then around 1p.m….

“There was contact made with him on several different occasions and he was able to come out of the house safely. Often times with cases like this, when somebody is volatile like that, often times they will calm down over time and that appears to be the case here,” said Brilbeck.

Oklahoma County officials are working to release the man’s name. They say charges will be determined later. Right now, they say they want to get him the help that he needs.