STILLWATER, Okla. (KFOR) – A Stillwater single mother of two is left homeless after the home she was living in was at the center of a standoff Wednesday night that ended with the suspect not inside.

“I was pleading with them that they could have the keys and that he wasn’t in there,” said Brittany Fent, who has lived at the home in Oakridge for three years.

Now, she says management has told her she was evicted and left to pay for what damages occurred.

Stillwater Police said they had gotten word Wednesday afternoon from Lincoln County Officials of Lewis Bearden III being inside the home. Police said that he had felony arrest warrants for burglary and robbery and that they had information he would be there.

“He wasn’t there and I told them several times that he wasn’t,” said Fent. “I kept begging them to use my keys and get inside if needed, but they didn’t listen or believe me. Now I’m left without a home.”

Fent told KFOR that she had dated Bearden but they had broken up over a month ago.

“I am living paycheck to paycheck trying to afford food for my girls,” said Fent. “I got an eviction notice earlier today and management told me that I would be the one to have to pay for the damages.”

She has two little girls who live in the home and were with their grandparents when the standoff happened.

“Now they don’t have their clothes, their beds are broken,” said Fent.

The damage is extensive throughout the home and on the outside. Several windows were broken, the door had been ripped off, the children’s beds had been broken into wooden pieces, clothes were thrown around, damage all over the walls, a TV busted, and more.

“I told them that they can willingly go inside and that they don’t have to demolish it,” said Fent.

Mugshot of Lewis Bearden III {Stillwater Police}

Stillwater Police are still searching for Bearden as of Thursday, and said that he could be dangerous.

When asked why they decided to break the kid’s beds among the other things in the house SPD replied, “Once we’re inside we’re searching every possible location, trying to look through anything that could help find him.”

“I just wish they would’ve believed me that he wasn’t there and I wish that they understood how the damage would leave us heartbroken and I don’t even know how to tell my kids what happened,” said Fent.

For now, Fent and her kids are staying with her sister-in-law until she can find a more permanent situation.

“I work just to live week by week and paycheck to paycheck, I don’t have any money so I don’t know what happens next,” said Fent.

Police ask if anyone knows Bearden’s location, they are asked to not approach him and call 911 immediately.