EL RENO, Okla. (KFOR) – Six people are facing several drug charges after law enforcement in El Reno served a search warrant, suspecting drugs and firearms were inside.

“This is police on a search warrant. Come out with your hands up,” officers could be heard saying over a speaker.

Just after 6 a.m. on Feb. 15th, El Reno police and Canadian County deputies served a high-risk search warrant at an El Reno home near Route 66, on Townsend and Park Street.

During the four-month investigation, deputies and officers believed drugs and guns were inside.

“It began at the request of citizens in the area who had made several complaints about the residence,” said Maj. Kirk Dickerson, the Assistant El Reno Police Chief.

Night-vision drone video shows law enforcement surrounding the home while armored vehicles roll up. Police said dark figures were dogs running out of the home. Two pit bulls and a chihuahua were impounded, while two pit bulls ran off and couldn’t be found.

Police said one of the suspects also jumped a fence and tried to run off, but officers were able to catch up and arrest him.

“Hey! On the ground,” an officer can be heard saying to the suspect on the body cam footage.

Officers said two people also hid inside of a closet, but pepper spray sent them out.

Investigators said they found what appears to be meth inside of the home, but no guns.

“However, various firearms related paraphernalia was discovered,” said Dickerson. “We did found ammunition, cleaning kits and gun boxes.”

In the end, Sara Apple, Cody Ryan Bert, Kasey Ann Dunnam, Richard Steve Elledge, Dawn Marie Lawrace, and Randy Smith were arrested.

This is the second time investigators had to serve a search warrant at this home. The first search was in 2021.