UPDATE 09/30:

Cat Cook, after examining the photo closer believes that the snake could be a Reticulated Python which is still non-venomous but is considered the world’s longest snake species.

Original Story:

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — A rather large yellow snake was caught on camera slithering around a mobile home park in south Oklahoma City this week and it has some residents on edge.

The picture was sent by staff with a warning for residents to look out if they see it around the neighborhood. The warning was sent to KFOR from someone wanting to remain anonymous but wanted to understand how they were handling the problem.

“Yeah, we were told it might be a ball python,” said Flora Wolfskill, who lives in Burntwood and heard about the snake. “All we heard was that there is some sort of large python on the loose. It looked yellow but like a yellowish green. Kids should probably watch out.”

The picture of the snake doesn’t make it too obvious what sort of species it is.

“My best guess would be some sort of python but I can’t tell for sure what kind it is,” said Catherine “Cat” Cook, who owns Cat’s Critters in Norman. Cat’s Critters is an exotic pet store that carries all sorts of snakes along with other unusual and amazing animals.

“They are actually the most popular pet snake in the whole U.S. and they come in lots of different colors, patterns, all kinds. The max size they end up getting is around six feet long and they get pretty thick in the middle.”

Cat said that from what she can tell from the picture is that it is a ball python and if so, it is relatively safe.

“They aren’t dangerous, they’re not venomous, not poisonous. They do constrict their food but unless you’re a mouse then you don’t have anything to worry about,” said Cook.

KFOR walked around the neighborhood searching for the possible python but couldn’t find it.

“Yeah, you’ll probably end up either finding it at night or in a dark wet area covered,” said Cook.

KFOR was kicked out twice while trying to understand what staff was planning on doing with the snake and if they were looking for it. One member of staff on the grounds said that they were planning on “taking care of it” on Friday.

Flora Wolfskill said that she has been around snakes for many years and was not worried about it.

“Just keep your distance if you have to,” said Wolfskill. “Definitely, I would make sure that the kids aren’t left out and especially left with the snake where they don’t know what they are doing.”

Cook said that if someone does end up finding the snake they should either call their store at 405-625-4546 or call their local animal shelter.

If you find the snake or need help getting ahold of a shelter you can call the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter at 405-297-3100.