OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Experts hired to catch a 13-foot-long albino quit just weeks after being hired for the job and the location of the snake remains a mystery.

“When you hire a professional, you should probably take their advice,” said Trevor Bounds, owner of Red Beards Wildlife Solutions.

Bounds believed his team was more than capable to catch the snake haunting over 200 Burntwood mobile homes.

“Basically, our plan of action was just to set up the cameras, do the monitoring program and basically watch for movement,” said Bounds.

They built a custom cage to trap the snake, but things didn’t go as planned for the wildlife experts.

“There was a lot of pushback on, you know, can we do this or that,” said Bounds.

Bounds explained the management at the mobile home park started being aggressive, then became disrespectful.

“We’re not going to entertain any kind of disrespect, any derogatory statement,” he said. “To question those methods, to question that experience, is just really unprofessional.”

The parks management company, ‘Yes! Communities,’ has not responded to News 4.

Bounds said he understands how this can be stressful.

“Disrespect or anything like is not the way to go about it,” said Bounds.

The wildlife workers said they’re not worried about making money and are more than willing to try again if they receive more cooperation.