OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The memory of a Redlands Community College basketball player, who passed away in 2015, is being combined with one of her greatest passions: shoes.

“It’s just like she’s with me. You know? When I come to work everyday she’s here,” said Chauncey Dockins, the store owner.

This month, Chauncey Dockins opened “Alley Kicks” in honor of her niece, Alexus Ochoa-Dockins. Family and friends call the 19-year-old by a different name. Once you look around the store, you’ll know what it is.

“That’s her nickname, ‘AlleyKat,'” said Dockins.

Family and friends said Ochoa-Dockins was a fierce basketball player. She first played for Del City then Redland Community College.

“She could shoot a three like no other, boy,” said Dockins.

“She would shoot almost half-court shots like it was a free-throw,” said Raven Crips, Ochoa-Dockins’ childhood friend.

Her passion for basketball was rivaled only be her passion for kicks. She’d camp out overnight in line for sneakers.

“We were like, the first people at the door. And then we got this big o’ line behind us,” said Dockins.

“She would drag me in the car with her to go to the store in Midwest city to wait for some shoes,” said Crisp. “I cannot believe we were waiting outside for hours, ditching school. Sorry!”

In 2015, tragedy struck, when Alley suffered a pulmonary embolism. She died at the hospital.

“You always think you have enough time until you don’t,” said Crisp.

“It’s rough, you just got to keep pushing, as she would,” said Dockins.

Now, inside Alley Kicks, near Southeast 89th and Santa Fe, her memory lives on. It’s apparent in the decorations and merchandise.

“The red and black [on the wall] is for Del City. Because every time I seen her, she was in the gym,” said Dockins. “The grass is like, she’s growing and the clouds is like, free.”

“They wouldn’t have any shoe that she wouldn’t be outside waiting for,” said Crisp. “I know she’s in heaven looking down, cheesing, at the fact that she has her own store.”