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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – It has been a wild couple of days of weather across our state with tornadoes, damaging wind, hail, and flooding coming into play. We expect this in April and May here in Oklahoma, but not so much in October.

“Insane, I mean you never think – it’s October, it’s supposed to be fall, football, cool weather, then all of a sudden tornados and its like wait what?” said OKC resident Annie Duell.

A turbulent October night and early morning across Oklahoma as at least three twisters touched down across the state, causing serious damage. The National Weather Service is confirming 12 tornados already this month in our state and several others are under investigation.

“So far October has seen more tornadoes than we did last spring. To have twenty tornadoes in October that is unusual,” said KFOR Chief Meteorologist Mike Morgan.

It’s not totally uncommon to see severe weather in October. The 27 tornados that touched down Oct 4th in 1998 was the state record for a single day until it was broken the next year on May 3rd.

“October means you are going to have all sorts of wild weather,” said Mark Fox, Meteorologist in Charge, National Weather Center.

But officials at the National Weather Service say we have documented more twisters in the fall in the last 20 years. They say the fact that more people have cell phones to catch them on camera has helped bring the documented number up.

They say technology has caught up to the QLCS tornadoes we saw last night.

“It probably wasn’t counted as a tornado in 1960, 1970, even in the early 80’s, but radar technology after about 1986, 1988 got a lot better. We can see more in the way of those smaller tornadoes,” said Fox.

But why more tornadoes in October? Could climate change be to blame?

“That’s something for the climatologist to figure out for later on. Severe weather, tornadoes doesn’t care what the calendar says. If you have the heat, you have the wind sheer, you have the lift, you are going to get something that is going to be explosive and the last 3 or 4 days have been proof of that for sure,” said Fox.

But its not just tornadic activity lately in October that out of the ordinary. Remember last year’s ice storm before when the trees were full of leaves?

“The ice storm last year being that early was probably more unusual than October tornadoes in 2021,” said Fox.

Fox says this October will probably register the second most tornados in state history for the month.