OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – It may be July, but for some kids experiencing homelessness in Oklahoma City, Monday looked a lot more like Christmas.

Outside Positive Tomorrows in Oklahoma City, there’s no doubt. It feels like summer but inside, on this day, it’s a lot like Christmas.

While it may seem simple, building gingerbread houses make a world of difference to the kids.

“For our kids, sometimes Santa never comes,” said Margaret Creighton, President and CEO of Positive Tomorrows. “So the experiences like Christmas in July are just magical.”

Positive Tomorrows is the only private, tuition-free elementary school serving children and families experiencing homelessness in Oklahoma.

“So we work with them and their families to ensure that they gain stability for their families,” Creighton said.

It’s a year-round mission.

During the summer, they help provide the kids with seemingly simple experiences so many of us take for granted.

On this day, it’s a visit from Lauren Brooks and her team at Bakery Bling.

“Everybody wanted to come out,” Brooks said. “It warms our hearts to watch them have fun and play and make these houses.”

While they’re building a sweet treat, they’re also building sweet memories.

“For our kids, a lot of times they don’t have memories of things like Christmas or holidays, those things just don’t happen for them,” Brooks said. “So giving our kids the hope of those experiences can really be transformational for them because if this can happen for me, what else can happen too? Maybe we can get that house. Maybe, we will have a fun dinner tonight. Who knows what that opportunities can be for them if we just start with something small.”