CANADIAN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A son is demanding answers, wondering how his father was allowed to die behind bars after he showed up in court in apparent medical distress.    

“He was a good person, stubborn, had a little bit of a temper,” said Mickey Womack. “But everything that happened on that day was out of character.”

Mickey told KFOR he was stunned by the chain of events ending in his father’s life. 

Wade Womack was accused of putting on “war paint” before sparking a shootout with his family members at a Yukon home. Both sides fired rounds.

“I’ve never seen them do anything like this,” said Mickey. 

Womack’s booking on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. In his booking photo, Womack has no visible injuries.

He was wheeled in and out of the courtroom on July 6.  

“His lawyer told me she begged for them to get medical in the courtroom,” said Mickey. 

Judge Khristan Strubhar denied that request and sent Womack back to jail without bond. Less than 24 hours later, he was dead. 

Mickey told KFOR he spoke to the medical examiner and was told his father also had COVID. He’s waiting on a full report to understand how he died.  

“I just lost my father, and I’m angry because he’s been in jail,” said Mickey. “I didn’t have any closure. This is just so unacceptable. He is dead. He died on their watch.” 

Canadian County Sheriff Chris West stated Womack was checked on by guards every 15 minutes.

KFOR sent a list of questions to Sheriff West regarding the circumstances surrounding Womack’s death. We have yet to hear back.