NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – How are Sooner football fans reacting to the news of Brent Venables being the new man-in-charge in Norman?

Judging by the amount of ‘Boomer Sooner’ calls heard today on campus, they are pretty happy.

After seeing signs reading ‘Traitor’ on campus last week, it was all smiles in Sooner Nation today.

“This is really amazing, this is special,” said Brent Venables.

OU’s new head football coach talking about the outpouring of support he has received from fans over the last 24 hours.

From the throngs Sunday night at the airport, to the members of Sooner Nation lining up at the crack of dawn in freezing temperatures this morning to get inside the Everest Center to be part of the Sooner celebration for Brent Venables, fans were out in force.

“I think it’s a good hire. I think there is a bright future for our football team,” said Bailey Coyle, a Sooner fan from Frisco, Tx.

“We are super excited. We are super pumped. We are ready for change and here to celebrate it,” said Amber Clark, OU fan.

It was a interesting week, to say the least, for Sooner fans. Some feeling betrayed after the sudden departure of Lincoln Riley.

“It was a lot of sadness and anger,” said Davis Dunkleberger, OU fan.

Many fans and students were consumed with the coaching search itself.

“I’m in a sorority and that’s what we talked about nonstop,” said Madison Ellis, OU student from OKC.

“Scrollitis is what I’ve had. I’ve been constantly scrolling and now that we’ve got the guy, I’m ready,” said Wade Chase, Sooner fan from Kansas.

“It’s good to be out of the witness protection program,” said Joe Castiglione.

The OU Athletic Director could feel the pressure from the fans to make the right hire.

Today, Castiglione assuring Sooner Nation they have their man.

“You are always going to love the passion you remember, but u are going to love his fight even more,” said Castiglione.

“Taking Oklahoma  from Big 12 to the SEC, you have got your guy to take it there!” said Venables.

Coach Venables touching a cord with the fans on what they want from their new coach with his SEC comment.

“I think we have been kind of lacking some of the culture that built at least the stoops era and on I think getting defense back prioritized. It just seems like everything worked out perfectly and he is back where he wants to be,” said Travis Davidson, Sooner fan from Tulsa.